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The Virtual Monday offers high-quality business support by providing a variety of services commonly needed by entrepreneurs and small business owners. All of our services are performed remotely and can be tailored to your specific needs, goals, and projects.

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Content Repurposing

90% of marketers say that repurposing existing content is more effective than producing new content.

Instead of constantly cranking out new content each week, repurposing allows you to maximize your time, energy, visibility, and reach by taking a single piece of content and recycling it into some fresh and new.

With this service, your blog post, video, or podcast can be turned into your choice of 4 of the following content options listed below:


Starting at $850

"designs on demand" package

With this package, you will receive up to 100 digital designs each month as you need them. This includes:

Graphics for social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn) including cover images, profile images, stories, promotional graphics, inspirational quotes, memes, and more.

Projects such as printables, workbooks, lead magnets, visual resumes, and more.


Starting at $749

à la carte

Social media graphics

creative documents

Blog posts

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